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Art of Wellbeing
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in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Hypnotherapy in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Kim at Art of Wellbeing is a highly experienced therapist offering Hypnotherapy in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Hypnotherapy is a natural relaxed state that we go into several times a day when we are waking up or going to sleep. This relaxed state of hypnosis enables the subconscious mind to be receptive to new suggestions through positive suggestion and visualisation. You are in control at all times.

Hypnotherapy is not what you see on television. It’s a medically-based, gentle treatment that allows you to create neural pathways. It aims to help you break free from what’s keeping you locked into your negative thoughts and habits. With gentle hypnotic suggestions, hypnotherapy aims to relieve you of the feeling of being ‘stuck’, or feeling controlled by something you felt was out of your control.

It aims to instil positive emotions into your subconscious mind and uninstall negative beliefs. This may help enable you to break free from what is keeping you locked in your condition. Hypnotherapy can help you make the positive life changes that you wish to make.

  1. Have you got unwanted habits, behaviours or addictions
  2. Do you need to gain relief from specific emotional issues?
  3. Perhaps you need to gain more self-confidence?
  4. Do you need relief from stress and anxiety?

Hypnotherapy sessions with Kim at her clinic in Eastbourne, East Sussex can help support you.

Your Hypnotherapist

Kim has over 20 years of experience offering Hypnotherapy, Counselling, and Psychotherapy. She has helped hundreds to overcome fears, lose weight, reduce stress, conquer addictions and more. Learn more about Kim.

Kim will always go at your pace. She follows a ‘person-centered’ approach for all clients visiting her for sessions in Eastbourne. It is vital that your Hypnotherapist is right for you. Kim offers a 20 minute complimentary discovery telephone consultation, so you can make sure she is the right fit for you.

Kim also offers Psychotherapy and Counselling sessions over Skype and phone.

FREE 20 Minute Consultation
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What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Kim has a wealth of experience in Hypnotherapy and specialises in helping with the following issues:

anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, relationship issues, depression, panic disorder, family issues, phobias, feeling sad, affairs and betrayals, separation and divorce, bipolar disorder, addiction(s), seasonal affective disorder (sad), postnatal depression, abuse, bereavement, personality disorders, alcoholism, low self-esteem, child related issues, low self-confidence, emotional abuse, anger management, eating disorders drug abuse, sexual abuse, depression and anxiety in children, sex addiction, stress, borderline personality disorder, sex problems, binge-eating disorder, gambling, behaviour problems, post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), internet addiction, loneliness, trauma, anorexia nervosa, separation anxiety, childhood bullying, smoking, suicidal thoughts, childhood bereavement, attachment disorder in children, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd), hoarding, children’s learning difficulties, work-related stress, physical abuse, self-harm, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, sexuality, attachment disorder, career, autism, cancer, abortion, chronic fatigue syndrome/me, disabilities, passive aggressive behaviour, bullying, infertility, pregnancy and birth, domestic violence, adoption, learning difficulties, miscarriage, carer support, young carers, spirituality, psychosis, discrimination, mental health, redundancy.

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